Pax Dei New Alpha News for April 2024! Early Access for May 2024!


pax dei

Here are more details on the recent Pax Dei news:

## Upcoming Alpha Test
- The "Next Alpha Date" for the upcoming test is April 20th, 2023.
- This Alpha will have a much larger player count than the previous one, which had around 40,000 participants.
- Key areas of focus include combat, UI/UX, server stability, and overall polish based on feedback.

## Early Access Launch
- Pax Dei is scheduled to enter Early Access on May 23rd, 2024.
- The Early Access period will allow the developers to continue iterating and adding content while having a larger player base provide feedback.

## Combat System
- The previous Alpha used a very basic combat system as a placeholder.
- The revamped system will feature a hybrid of tab-targeting and action combat. Players can optionally use full action combat.
- It will have a higher skill cap with dodging, active blocking, combos and special abilities tied to different weapon types.

## Monetization
- Pax Dei will have an optional subscription model, but no pay-to-win mechanics.
- Cosmetic items will be available for purchase, but all gameplay content will be earnable through playing.

## Character Creation
- The character creator will allow extensive customization of appearance, background, stats and abilities.
- Different character archetypes like warriors, mages, rogues etc. will be available to choose from.

So in summary, Pax Dei's next major Alpha on April 20th will showcase the overhauled combat, character creation and other core systems before entering Early Access in May 2024.