"Realm of Dreams" update for Guild Wars 2 - Feb 27th!


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The "Realm of Dreams" update for Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure launches on February 27th, 2024 and brings a significant amount of new content and features to the game. Here's a breakdown of what's included:

Story and Exploration:

  • New Story Chapters: Three new story chapters follow the events of "Through the Veil," taking players deeper into the world of Nayos and the Kryptis society.
  • Expanded Nayos: Explore a brand new section of Nayos, home to the dreaded Kryptis, and uncover their secrets.

Gameplay and Features:

  • New Weapon Proficiencies: All nine professions gain access to new weapon proficiencies, allowing for greater customization and combat variety.
  • Legendary Relics: Powerful new items offering unique effects and customization options.
  • Tier-One Obsidian Legendary Armor: Start collecting pieces of the first tier of the new legendary armor set.
  • Temple of Febe Strike Mission Challenge Mode: Test your skills in a more demanding version of this popular strike mission.
  • Expanded Astral Ward Masteries: Unlock new abilities and enhancements related to the Astral Ward mechanic.
  • Two New Convergences Bosses: Face off against challenging new enemies in the 50-player open-world combat events.
  • Sky-Chak Striker Ranger Pet: Acquire this unique new pet companion for your ranger character.
  • Refreshed Wizard's Vault Rewards: Earn updated rewards, including new seasonal objectives, from this challenging activity.

Overall, "The Realm of Dreams" is a major update that expands the Secrets of the Obscure storyline, introduces new gameplay options, and provides fresh challenges for veteran players.

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