Random MMORPG News 2/26/2024

This week in random MMORPG news, some notable updates and announcements have been made:

- **Mini World: Creata**:
A sandbox game available on Google Play with a 4.1-star rating, offering players a creative building and exploration experience.
- **Tempest: Pirate RPG**: A highly-rated pirate-themed game available on Google Play and Steam, known for its immersive experience developed by Herocraft.
- **Civilization: Reign of Power**: Nexon announced the closure of this mobile strategy game on June 8, 2023, just five months after its official launch in Southeast Asia.
- **Bellatores**: An upcoming medieval PC MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine 5, promising a seamless open-world experience without map loading.
- **Priston Tale M**: FOW Games launched this mobile MMORPG in Southeast Asia, based on the classic PC game Priston Tale.
- **Outerplane**: A turn-based mobile anime RPG set for global launch in May, following the story of a protagonist summoned from Earth.
- **The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin**: Netmarble showcased a gameplay trailer for this action RPG based on the popular webtoon series at the Game Developers Conference.
- **Solo Leveling: ARISE**: Netmarble unveiled the official website for this upcoming action RPG based on the webtoon series Solo Leveling.
- **Granado Espada M**: The mobile version of the PC MMORPG Granado Espada is in development, with only two official screenshots released so far.

These updates highlight a mix of new game launches, closures, and developments in the MMORPG genre.

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