Nightingale Launches into Early Access: Here's What You Need to Know


Release Date: February 20, 2024

Platform: PC only (Steam)

Price: $26.99

What to Expect:

  • Survival sandbox experience: Craft, build, explore, and fight for survival in a beautiful but dangerous world.
  • Multiplayer focus: Work together with other players or go solo as you navigate the challenges of the Faewilds.
  • Early Access means it's not finished: Expect bugs, incomplete features, and potential balance issues. However, you'll also get to be part of shaping the game's development.

Key Points:

  • Day One patch: Includes HUD/UI improvements, limited controller support (not fully functional yet), and removal of FSR3 integration due to crashing issues.
  • Stress test results: The recent stress test helped prepare for a smooth launch, with almost 50,000 unique logins over 9 hours.
  • Unknown timeline: No official word on how long Early Access will last.
  • Community resources: Check out the official website and Discord for guides, bug reporting, and discussions.

Additional Notes:

  • Steam Deck might work, but official support will come later.
  • Consider joining the Early Access if you want to be part of the development process and help shape the future of the game. However, be prepared for an unfinished experience.

I hope this summary helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.